Sustainable Youth Canada in Montréal operates on the high school, cegep and university levels. As one of the newest regions of SYC, it consists of dedicated students who work together to:
  • Promote, through their projects, a socio-cultural development of Montreal towards further integration of sustainable practices into urban society
  • Connect passionate youth with sustainability opportunities in Montréal.
  • Lead local initiatives to positively affect energy and environmental sustainability through engaging in student-led community events        
  • Hold fundraisers to engage with the public while supporting charities for sustainability.        
  • Partner with local organizations to bridge the gap between partner organizations seeking assistance and youth volunteers seeking opportunities to get involved with sustainability.   
We are always seeking new members to volunteer with us, so if you are interested in getting involved, please register here. We look forward to having you join us!

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What's Happening in SYC Montréal?


As the newest region of SYC, Montréal is in a period of growth. We are excited to work with dedicated youth around Montréal to plan environmental initiatives and conferences motivating youth to take action in making Montreal a greener city. Stay tuned for more updates on SYC Montréal.

Steering Committee
Our team

Directors: Katia Forgues and Shir Gruber


































































Gabriel is currently studying at McGill University in the Faculty of Education. He is working towards a Bachelor of Education, specializing in History and Ethics and Religious Cultures. In 2019, he graduated from Dawson College with a DEC in Law, Society and Justice and a certificate in Women’s and Gender studies. As a young community activist, he fights for climate justice, social equality, diversity and inclusivity. Climate justice education is at the heart of his work, addressing the inequalities and discrimination resulting by the impacts of climate change. Gabriel is presently the Outreach Coordinator on the SSMU Environment Committee and resides on the Young New Democrats of Quebec board of directors. In this role, he aims to promote greater youth engagement and mobilization, in hopes of forming the next generation of climate leaders.

Ouiam Meftah is a student in Ecology at Concordia University in Montreal. She is also a reservist in the Canadian Armed Forces as a Combat Engineer. Her passions for sciences and the wildlife lead her to pursue environmental studies at Dawson College after high school, where she learned about the direct impacts of human actions on ecosystems. That's what drove her to want to be part of the solution to fix this problem. As an immigrant, Ouiam hopes to make healthy and sustainable lifestyles accessible for all: visible minorities, the middle class and disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The fight against the environmental crisis should not be a privilege but rather a priority. She is honoured to serve on the Executive Committee of Sustainable Youth Canada to take concrete actions on sustainable development as well as work with a team of passionate and dynamic young people.

Nico Serreqi is a student in environmental science at McGill University with a passion for film. As a climate activist, she hopes to use film as a medium to illustrate climate change in a way that will engage the general public to take action. She has always had an interest in media creation and has produced several personal projects and mini-documentaries over the years. In addition to completing a filmmaking summer intensive at Vancouver Film School, she has previously created short films for local not-for-profits, helping them capture key moments of success to share on various social media platforms. She hopes to do the same thing for SYC and use her passion for safeguarding the environment to help spread the message of sustainability and make our future greener!

Katia Forgues is a Biology student doing her master's degree at McGill university on a community led carbon offsetting reforestation project led by two indigenous communities in Panama. She is particularly interested in socio-ecosystems—evaluating the way our identity and culture are shaped by our surroundings and how our actions influence our environment. Caring for our ecosystems is important not only for the survival of many species, but for the well being of our communities where the vulnerable groups are often the most affected by environmental crises. With SYC, Katia hopes to face this environmental injustice by creating tools necessary to make environmental education accessible for all. She believes that the solutions for sustainable living already exist and are waiting to be brought to light by creative minds reinventing the way we interact with the world. Hence, she is honoured to be a part of the SYC community.

Sam Loutet is a second year undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Honours Earth Systems Science. From Vancouver, BC, she has a passion for STEM outreach and activism. She co-founded the organization Beyond STEM to spread awareness to secondary school students about the diverse range of STEM fields, and especially to encourage minority students to consider careers in STEM. She is a fierce protector of our natural environment, and has spent most of her life outside on the water, both competing and coaching in the sport of sprint canoe. Her experiences as a person of colour as well as a member of the LGBTQ+ community have allowed her to understand the importance of intersectionality and inclusion in the sustainability movement, and encourage her to fight for the rights of everyone to enjoy a cleaner, safer future. She is incredibly proud to be a member of the Sustainable Youth Canada team and is excited to continue to help engage young people in environmental activism.

Romy is currently studying Liberal Arts at Dawson College and is completing her DEC in Spring 2020 with a certificate in Women's and Gender Studies. As co-creator of Instagram account, Romy spreads awareness about the disastrous environmental effects of fast fashion and encourages her following to live more sustainably. In this role, Romy hopes to use the power of social media to inspire youth to adopt a greener lifestyle.

Shir Gruber is a student completing a bachelor of science in environment at McGill University. She studied Pure and Applied Sciences at Dawson College, Montreal. Her goal is transition our society to one that works harmoniously with nature. Therefore, reevaluating humanity's relationship with the environment through concrete environmental initiatives. She was president of Dawson’s environmental club, a TEDx speaker, and, currently, as the regional director of Sustainable Youth Canada (SYC) in Montreal, she hopes to expand her positive ecological footprint. Shir has led research at Dawson which contributed to changing the school’s policy on waste-management. Through SYC, she hopes to integrate environmental projects in the academic curriculum, give youth the tools to combat issues in their community and innovate the way Montrealers view their link with nature.

Naba Tahir is currently studying in her final semester at McGill University in the Faculty of Arts for a bachelor’s degree in Economics and International Development Studies. In high school, Naba took an environmental science course where she was exposed to – in great depth – some of the major detrimental results of man-made practices (such as fast fashion, the meat and dairy industries, transportation, etc.) on the environment. While learning about these atrocities, she was also introduced to many sustainable practices that her teacher encouraged the students to follow as steps that could serve as solutions. Since then, Naba has implemented these practices into her daily life to try to reduce her carbon footprint by any means possible. At university, she incorporated environmental issues into her research pertaining to natural resource economics and international climate policy as a way of trying to educate herself and others about the importance of the environment in studies, like economics, that do not seem to discuss it enough. 

Media Chair: Nico Serreqi

Internal Affairs: Gabriel Masi
Treasurer: Naba Tahir
Initiatives Chair: Sam Loutet
Marketing Chair: Romy Shoam

Outreach Chair: Ouiam Meftah

If you have any questions about this region, please don't hesitate to contact the regional directors at

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