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Katia Forgues | Co-Director of Montréal

Katia Forgues is a second year Environmental Sciences student at McGill University. She is particularly interested in socio-ecosystems—evaluating the manner in which our identity and culture are shaped by our surroundings - and how our actions influence our environment. Always a fan of the outdoors, Katia integrates nature into her everyday life through biking and growing plants in her home (bonus if they are edible!). Keen to share her passion with others, she has been implicated in various environmental activities: she was involved with her schools green club, has led research on invasive species and volunteers at a local community center working towards food security as well as environmental well-being. Furthermore, summer employment with Parks Canada has provided a forum for her to share her passion for nature by leading camping initiation workshops for newly immigrated families. Katia believes that the solutions for sustainable living already exist and are waiting to be brought to light by creative minds reinventing the way we interact with the world. Hence, she is honored to be a part of the SYC community.

Shir Gruber SYC Montreal.jpg
Shir Gruber | Co-Director of Montréal

Shir Gruber studies Pure and Applied Sciences at Dawson College, Montreal. She hopes to aid in designing a society that works harmoniously with nature through resource management; therefore, revaluating humanity's relationship with the environment. Sciences taught her that we live in an ecosystem—emphasizing how our actions affect one another. As such, her priority is to be a positive force by educating youth to reach their potential. A good leader empowers those around them. This is the part she hopes to serve for youth in Montreal, in the realm of sustainability. Already, she is the executive of her school’s environmental club, a TEDx speaker, a consultant to the Dawson Student Union’s director of sustainability, the founder of an on-going conference called GreenxTalks to discuss local environmental issues and has led research in her college which contributed to changing her school’s policy on waste-management. She is excited to be a part of Sustainable Youth Canada’s development in Quebec.

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