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Are you interested in sustainable initiatives in your city?

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Committee Executive Application


Applications are open for the Sustainable Youth Canada Regional Committee Boards. If you are in Grades 9-12 (inclusive), or are pursuing studies in university, you are eligible to apply for a position as a committee executive. Apply for committee executive roles here.


Regional Director Application


Regional Directors have been instrumental to ensuring SYC's growth year after year. Sustainable Youth Canada commends your commitment to sustainability, and your initiative in starting a new affiliated region. By applying as a Regional Director, you will be responsible for being a key representative of Sustainable Youth Canada in your local area, and for co-ordinating youth-led events. 

Ambassadors Program Application

This program is an excellent avenue for high school and university students are who passionate about the environment to gain more experience in leadership and networking opportunities. SYC Ambassadors will be responsible for promoting and cultivating student interest for SYC, sustainability, and environmental initiatives. In addition, ambassadors interested in writing will also have the chance to facilitate monthly journals of sustainability articles aimed to spread awareness for our planet. 

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