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Toronto is a highly populated chapter of Sustainable Youth Canada, covering the entire Greater Toronto Area. Currently, it oversees the various activities and initiatives happening in this region to:
  • Establish and maintain the Canadian Sustainable Youth Registry for the GTA and connect passionate youth with sustainability opportunities in the region.
  • Lead local initiatives in Toronto to positively affect energy and environmental sustainability through engaging in student-led community events.
  • Hold fundraisers to engage with the public while supporting charities for sustainability.
  • Partner with local organizations to bridge the gap between partner organizations seeking help and volunteers seeking oppurtunities to get involved with sustainability.
We are continuously seeking for new members to volunteer with us, so if you are interested in getting involved, please apply here. We look forward to having you join us!
What's Happening in SYC Toronto?


The Toronto Region of SYC was established late summer in 2014, and includes members from over the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA). SYC has been working towards reaching out towards other environmental groups as well as creating our own identity in the region. Over the past year, SYC Toronto has both hosted and attended events that focus on our mission. Last year it seems we have focused on forums and conferences, and we make it our goal in the coming months to in cooperate hands on events into the mix.


We are happy looking back on our successes as well as looking forward to even more events and environmental change! Last year SYC Toronto hosted a winter forum at Havergal College. There were a variety of speakers, including Nobel Prize winner Dr. Brad Bass. The speakers presented many ideas and issues about green urban planning and ways in which average citizens can make a difference. SYC Toronto also attended a GMO conference in the May of 2015, and presented information about our organization to several students. The conference, held at University of Toronto Scarborough, turned out to be a fantastic opportunity for all attendees and a lifelong learning experience. Recently SYC has worked together with TYEC - the Toronto Youth Environmental Council to prepare a coffeehouse event on March 5, 2015.


This event combines environmental issues with different forms of art to create an entertaining evening for guests. This event turned out to be very successful, a variety of performers were able to show a global perspective about the environment, bringing many acts from several different cultures.In the coming months, SYC has many exciting events and collaborations planned! SYC Toronto has teamed with Peel Environmental Youth Alliance to provide a station at their Amazing Green Race 2016. SYC will be presenting a bioremediation workshop that teams must complete in order to move on in the race. The event took place on May 21, 2016 and SYC members are continually working towards its success. On April 3 2016, SYC Toronto made an appearance at the Impulse business pitch competition created by the Youth Environmental Network of York Region. 

On April 15 2017, SYC Toronto held its first Sustainability Fair at Metro Hall. Various environmental NGOs, associations and agencies were be invited to set up a booth and share opportunities with attendees.


In August 2017, SYC Toronto was invited to attend the first Networking Nights conference. Several ambitious youth shared their incredible start-up ideas, from enhancing the student financial world to fundraising for sustainable farming of Avocados through a clothing brand. 



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