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Former Regional Directors


Sustainable Youth Canada's operations are driven year after year by a dedicated team of regional directors. The below former regional directors are recognized for their past efforts in making Sustainable Youth Canada's growth possible.


Gayashan Tennakoon | Director of Ottawa

During his time as Regional Director for Ottawa, Gayashan was a high school student attending Colonel By Secondary School. Always keen on environmental stewardship, Gayashan was part of his school environmental club which hosts a plethora of events and activities to raise environmental awareness and make his school greener. In previous years, Gayashan had attended the Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) for his project on developing alternative methods of oil sands processing and refinement, for which he was awarded the Gold Medal Standard as a Grade 8 student. The following year, Gayashan attended the CWSF again with a partner. They devised a process of creating biofuel from algae in a more viable and cost effective manner. With these endeavors, he gained an understanding of the impact that we as Canadians have on our environment as well as the methods by which can we minimize or mitigate our environmental footprint.


Director of Ottawa from 2013-2015

Skye Preston | Director of Toronto

During her time as Director, Skye Preston was a high school student at Havergal College. She has had a deep interest in sustainability from a young age and continues to pursue ways of achieving sustainability. In grade 7 she conducted a bioremediation science fair project focusing on how to increase rates of natural pollutant degradation by decreasing rates of enzyme runoff. The project earned a silver medal at the Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF). The following year Skye continued on the bioremediation track and conducted a project which explored increasing the rates of pollutant breakdown in a wetland-aquifer system, which also earned a silver medal at the CWSF. Apart from environmental sciences, Skye enjoys both art and drama, and plays on a competitive soccer team outside of school. She continues to looks forward to working with other passionate individuals in Toronto and the Sustainable Youth Canada community that are committed to finding and promoting sustainable lifestyle solutions.


Director of Toronto from 2014-2015

Amanda Wong | Director of Winnipeg

During her time as Director, Amanda Wong was a Grade 12 student at Grant Park High School in Winnipeg, Manitoba. From a young age, she had been actively volunteering with a number of organizations within her community. Amanda is an outgoing individual who loves to meet new people and help others. Within her school, Amanda was involved in several clubs and committees such as public speaking and student council. Outside of school, she enjoys dancing, figure skating, and playing a number of musical instruments. For the past several years, Amanda has created sustainable development-oriented science fair projects in pursuit of her passion for science. She has displayed her projects at the annual Youth Encouraging Sustainability (YES) Manitoba Showcase. Amanda believes that youth can take charge of their future by working together to strive towards sustainable advancement. Individuals can make a positive change starting right from the local level by joining an affiliated region of Sustainable Youth Canada. Each step taken towards a sustainable future has the power to make an ever-lasting global impact.


Director of Winnipeg from 2013-2014

Chris Bell | Director of Calgary

During his time as Director, Chris Bell was an Urban Studies student and Chancellor's Club Scholar at the University of Calgary. When in high school, he established one of the first school board-wide student governments in western Canada, and worked towards greater student engagement in various ways. In university, Chris has turned his attention to the cause of sustainability. He is particularly interested in sustainable housing and transportation in the context of Canada's largest cities. Additionally, his interests include: student government, public policy research, and urban planning. He enjoys riding his bike and going for long walks, utilizing Calgary's extensive urban pathway system.


Director of Calgary from 2013-2014

Sarah Chen | Director of Toronto

During her time as Director, Sarah Chen was a senior at St. Augustine Catholic High School. She loves taking part in different initiatives towards the environment -- starting from a young age, Sarah had always felt responsibility to maintaining a sustainable future, and felt strongly towards global issues such as deforestation and climate change. Law and legislation is Sarah’s passion, and she hopes to in the future incorporate this into environmental efforts by creating legislation that further protects Canada’s natural world. Previously, Sarah participated in planning a business luncheon raising money towards sustainability initiatives, which turned out to be a huge success. Sarah hopes that the Toronto SYC region can continue to grow over the years, and attract more youth to make a change. 


Director of Toronto from 2015-2016 

Alexandre Rogov | Director of Tri-Cities

Alexandre Rogov was previously a first year undergraduate student in the Faculty of Science at Simon Fraser University. Since a young age, he had participated in recycling clubs, survived in the woods for the weekends, and loved wild animals. He has lived in Greater Vancouver for over 11 years and has always enjoyed the outdoors, especially in the snow. He has been cleaning up the environment by participating in all environmental acts in his extracurricular activities. During his 2 years in air cadets, he took part in every clean up they would do. Alexandre is also a part of the Science and Engineering club during high school and helped from taking care of gardens to build vending machines. He joined Sustainable Youth Canada in Grade 12 as the Initiative Chair for the Tri-cities region. He now wants to step up his role on protecting the environment. Having the love and passion of the environment, he wants to take a stand in reducing environmental impact and help bring sustainability back to its feet.

Director of Tri-Cities in 2016

Marta Kawalec | Director of Winnipeg

Marta is a teacher at a K-9 school in Winnipeg where she teaches the junior high classes. While acting as Director at SYC, she was completing her Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Education at the University of Manitoba. She has always been passionate about the sustainability and taking care of the environment since high school. When in high school, Marta was one of the founders and leaders of Sisler’s Sustainability Conference and its group. She had the opportunity to see how the group has progressed over the years when she was a student teacher at Sisler High School and was able to once again help out with the sustainability group that year. She continues to engage others into helping the environment as a teacher at her current school, where she began a new Green Team. Marta looks forward to influencing and working with other individuals in Winnipeg who are ready to promote a more environmentally sustainable Winnipeg!

Director of Winnipeg from 2016-2017

Max Erenberg | Director of Toronto

Max Erenberg is currently a senior at Bayview Secondary School, and loves being involved in environmental causes. Ever since joining his school's Eco-Team, Max has had the opportunity to be inspired by environmental leaders and scientists, and has a deep interest in solving issues such as clean energy and loss of biodiversity. Max's passion is for chemistry and biology, and he hopes to use science and technology to help the world transition towards a sustainable future. Last year, Max was a member of the Youth Environmental Network of York Region, where he helped organize a sustainability-themed entrepreneurship conference. Max is aiming to expand the Toronto SYC region and raise more interest in sustainability among youth. 


Director of Toronto from 2016-2017 

Janice Pang | Director of Vancouver 

Janice Pang studied Integrated Sciences at the University of British Columbia. At an early age, she became passionate about the environment, especially sustainability. During high school, she was a leader of the Pinetree Secondary Environmental Club. The Environmental Club she led was committed to raising awareness about environmental issues through planning engaging activities, such as a mock climate conferences. In 2015, Janice helped SYC expand into the Metro Vancouver area through the establishment of SYC Tri-Cities. She is committed to enabling more youth who are passionate about the environment to connect and lead initiatives in environmental and energy sustainability. Beyond her involvement with SYC, Janice has a keen interest in the area of immunology. Throughout high school, she completed research focused on inflammation and type 2 diabetes. Notably, in 2015, she was among Canada’s top 12 high school scientists to compete at the prestigious Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. 

Director of Tri-Cities from 2015-2016

Director of Vancouver from 2016-2018

Emily Cross | Director of Thunder Bay

Emily Cross is a Grade 12 student at Hammarskjold High School in Thunder Bay, Ontario. She is an internationally recognized youth researcher, science mentor and public speaker. She did multiple science fair projects on the effects of different chemicals on ecosystems. Emily has attended the Canada Wide Science Fair twice, in 2013 she presented a project investigating ideal flood-resistant fill types for building construction, and in 2014 she won a Gold Medal for her project investigating acidic environments and their effect on decomposition/fossilization processes. She has represented Canada twice at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Recently, Emily was a panelist at the Canadian Science Policy Conference. Apart from interest in sustainability, Emily enjoys geology, paleontology, and archaeology. Her passion is science. Emily looks forward to improving the sustainability of her city, and working with other interested individuals locally, and nationally. Emily believes that if you can find something you are passionate about and interested in, you can accomplish anything. 

Director of Thunder Bay - 2015-2018

Kyle Lee | Director of Calgary

Kyle Lee is currently a third year student at the University of Calgary, working towards a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Applied Chemistry. He has been interested in environmental sustainability and technology since a young age, investigating how regular students and youth can help impact and bring change. With this passion, he has engaged and assisted with research projects regarding water quality and treatment, efficiency in light bulbs, and bee populations. Outside of school, he has volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross, Distress Centre Calgary, WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park, and community kitchen initiatives. He is also an avid pianist and oboist, and also works as a music theory instructor. He is a curious, motivated, and disciplined student who takes pride in Calgary and its energy industry and hopes to become involved with policies and consulting regarding energy and sustainability in the future. Kyle is excited to meet and work with the bright youth of Calgary to raise awareness and work towards a more sustainable Canada.

Director of Calgary 2016-2018

Ravina C Anand | Director of Edmonton

Ravina Anand is currently in her third year towards a Bachelors of Science degree as a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. She volunteers at the Ronald McDonald House, Misrecordia Hospital, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Hope Mission and previously the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Ravina is part of the United Nations Club, therefore travelled to New York for National Model United Nations Conference and will be attending future International conferences. Furthermore, she is the VP of communications for the Edmonton World Health Organization, an executive member of the TEDx(Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference, the Regional Director of Sustainable Youth Canada and a part of the Students for the Promotion of Global Health Club. Ravina is actively part of the City of Edmonton Youth Council and a designated member of the Health & Wellness and Engagement committee. In her spare time she works on her fashion blog "indrastyles", watches a variety of television shows and enjoys classical music. She is eager to learn constantly and gain as much knowledge as she can since time is of the essence. She believes that knowledge and education can take you to extraordinary lengths no matter who you are.

Director of Edmonton 2016-2018

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