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Vancouver is the base region of Sustainable Youth Canada. Being the first affiliated region of the organization, it is more than 170 members strong, consisting of dedicated high school and university youth who work together to promote and take action for sustainability.
SYC Vancouver is continuously seeking for new members to volunteer with us, so if you are interested in becoming a part of this movement for change, please register here. We look forward to having you join us!
What's Happening in SYC Vancouver?

SYC Vancouver, a founding region of of Sustainable Youth Canada, maintained a steady growth in the past year. With over 170 members ranging from high school to university, SYC Vancouver continued to further member and community outreach in the Greater Vancouver area. In the past year, SYC Vancouver has participated in community events, such as the Justice High’s Sustainability Workshop, Vancouver Youth Volunteer Opportunities Fair, and the You-nique Conference.


Notably, 2017 marked the establishment of the region’s first member newsletter. This monthly newsletter was first distributed to all SYC Vancouver members at the end of January 2017 via MailChimp. The newsletter directs members to visit the SYC blog page on the SYC website, where they will find up to date information regarding upcoming SYC and community environmental events. In the coming months, the region hopes that members can submit their own articles to the blog, and the blog can serve as a platform to highlight the sustainability projects and initiatives students are working on around the community.


SYC Vancouver is also excited to announce that the annual Sustainability Fair will return at HiVE Vancouver on May 27th, 2017. The theme for the 2017 Sustainability Fair will feature "Time to Change, Technology on Climate". Through the Sustainability Fair, SYC Vancouver aims to provide high school and university students in the Greater Vancouver area with information on what it means to be sustainable, ways to promote sustainability within their school community, and the impacts technology can have on sustainability. The fair will include environmental workshops, a speaker series, and a student networking session.

This school year SYC Vancouver will be looking to pilot the SYC Ambassadors Program. The aim of the program will be to not only expand SYC’s reach in the community but to also encourage youth engagement in sustainability issues and to foster regional leadership development. During the school year, SYC Ambassadors will engage youth in the community through events such as information sessions held at high schools.

Regional Feature



Check out the Vancouver Region's Sustainability Fair! With a theme of Awareness into Action, we connected hundreds of high school students with local NGOs and peer initiatives, sparking thinking to inspire a more sustainable future.

Steering Committee


Director: Dana You

Secretary: [Open]

Initiatives Chair: Chloe Gautier, Christopher Chong

Outreach Chair: Rachel Jin, Celine Hu

Partnership Chair: Bryan Guan

Membership Chair: Kevin Li

Marketing Chair: Jacky Lee Zhang

External Events Chair: Talia Hoffmann

Media Chair: Riley Jackes

Treasurer: Alyssa Wong

Executive At-Large: Howard Qin

The current Steering Committee Executives and Available Positions are listed above. If joining this committee executive board interests you, and you are willing to commit the time to making SYC a success in Vancouver, please apply here.


If you have any questions about this region, please don't hesistate to contact us, or send the regional director an e-mail at:

Sustainability Fair 2017


Sustainable Youth Canada Vancouver was pleased to host the the 3rd annual SYC Vancouver Sustainability Fair on May 27th at HiVE Vancouver. 

The theme for this year's fair featured "Time to Change, Technology on Climate". Through this fair university and high school students in the Greater Vancouver area were provided with information on what it means to be sustainable, ways to promote sustainability within their school community, and the impacts technology can have on sustainability. The event was highlighted by a panel of keynote speakers, which included Denise Lee from Our Poles Our Planet, Kaya Dorey from NOVEL SUPPLY CO., Roman Kozak from UBC Engineering, and Christopher Bush from Catalyst Agri-Innovation Society Agricultural Centre of Excellence in Sustainability. 

Huge thank you to all volunteers and partners of SYC who made this event a success! Executives at SYC Vancouver hope that all participants had a fantastic time at the event, and looks forward to welcoming back participants to next year's fair!

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