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Sustainable Youth Canada in Montréal operates on the high school, cegep and university levels. As one of the newest regions of SYC, it consists of dedicated students who work together to:​​
  • Promote, through their projects, a socio-cultural development of Montreal towards further integration of sustainable practices into urban society
  • Connect passionate youth with sustainability opportunities in Montréal.
  • Lead local initiatives to positively affect energy and environmental sustainability through engaging in student-led community events        
  • Hold fundraisers to engage with the public while supporting charities for sustainability.        
  • Partner with local organizations to bridge the gap between partner organizations seeking assistance and youth volunteers seeking opportunities to get involved with sustainability.   
We are always seeking new members to volunteer with us, so if you are interested in getting involved, please register here. We look forward to having you join us!

What's Happening in SYC Montréal?

SYC, Montréal is in a period of growth. We are excited to work with dedicated youth around Montréal to plan environmental initiatives and conferences motivating youth to take action in making Montreal a greener city. Stay tuned for more updates on SYC Montréal.

Opportunities at SYC

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Past and Upcoming projects of 2021

Project Phoenix: Cleaning Up Angell Woods 一 Ongoing

SYC, in collaboration with Trash Talk, is undertaking a project to assess the environmental status of a public green space, Angell Woods, in Beaconsfield, QC. This 210-acre park is composed of wetlands, old forests and new growth but it has historically been used as an informal dumping ground for tiling material, car parts, railway ties, cement, household waste, and even chemical products. Our project, in the short term, is to clean Angell Woods while conducting research on the environment. 


Canadian Wildlife Federation Youth Mentoring 一 Summer 2021

The Canadian Wildlife Federation is partnering with SYC in a bioblitz event for youths 15-18 years old to shed light on the ecological value of the Falaise St-Jacques and introduce them to sustainable community-led projects. 


Montreal Recycling Review and Awareness Initiative 一 Fall 2021

In order to address the gap in public knowledge on how recycling works in the City of Montreal, as well as put pressure on policymakers to adopt more sustainable practices, SYC is undertaking a review of the current recycling program in Montreal. This will include an investigation on what is recycled, how much is recycled, and where the recycling products truly end up. The end goal is to produce a report and public awareness campaign which outlines the status of recycling in the city and to create policy recommendations where necessary. 


Montreal West City Council Biodiversity Initiative 一 Spring 2021

SYC served as a consultant for Montreal West Green City Council to create preliminary plans for a project to increase natural biodiversity in the township. We helped through the brainstorming process and suggested different implementation strategies. We contributed to research the species of plants that would most benefit the ecosystem, as well as the legality and plausibility of planting on the city and personal property.


Environmental education in Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Summer camp 一 Summer 2020 AND 2021

For the second year in a row, SYC animated activities in the Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Summer camp to teach young campers about waste management and recycling. Over the course of two days, we cleaned the local neighborhoods by picking up trash, recycled old t-shirts into tote bags, and created grass beings by planting grass and wildflower seeds in biodegradable cups that the campers decorated.


Waste Management Consulting 一 Spring 2021

When citizens reached out to us with concerns that their work offices downtown did not have composting, let alone recycling, we provided them with information, connected them with local Éco-Quartiers, and helped them build a plan of action. They chose not to go forward with their plan right away and we respected that. 


School Compost Initiative with Éco-quartier 一 Fall 2020 to Winter 2021

SYC worked with a local Eco-quartier to implement composting in École primaire des Coquelicots, a Montreal primary school. We provided educational resources and worked with our liaisons to see that the staff team and all 118 students had the information necessary to successfully implement the initiative in their classrooms. This included creating an original video that explained the basics of composting in an age-appropriate and fun way

Meet the Team

Sam Loutet is a Canadian student, published researcher, and climate activist. She is entering her final year as an undergraduate student at McGill University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science Honours in Earth Systems Science. After spending most of her life outside competing and coaching in the sport of sprint canoe, she became passionate about protecting the environment. She has proudly served as the Initiatives Chair at Sustainable Youth Canada Montréal for three years, and is now transitioning to the role of Regional Director where she is excited to continue to help engage and empower youth in the climate movement. Her experiences as a queer person of colour have highlighted the need for intersectionality and inclusion in the sustainability movement, and encourage her to fight for the right of everyone to enjoy a cleaner, safer future.


Nico Serreqi is a student in Environmental Science and Biology at McGill University. She previously held the position of Media Chair for three years and worked to use film as a medium to illustrate climate change in a way that will engage the general public to take action. As a scientist, she has participated in field research related to cetacean biodiversity and population health in the Mediterranean. Throughout her studies she has worked part time in the health care system as an assistant pharmacist and currently as an administrative agent. Her diversity of experiences has permitted her to understand the deep rooted connections climate change has to all other domains such as health, justice and education. As Regional Director she hopes to lead her team to safeguard the environment to help spread the message of sustainability and make our future greener.


Sam Loutet

Regional Director (she/her)

Nico Serreqi

Regional Director (she/her)

Daphne is currently studying towards a MA at McGill in education and society. She holds a BA from the University of British Columbia in sociology. Daphne is passionate about social movements, radical theories, knowledge diversity and social justice. Having worked as a university teaching assistant, ESL teacher, and YWCA educational facilitator, she thinks a lot about the faults and opportunities our education system presents to us. Currently, Daphne is working on her thesis research, investigating how we can use hope to improve educational methods in university classes to better mobilize students to partake in climate change action and counter climate-anxiety. Daphne hopes that with SYC, she can bridge the gap between academic research and community empowerment, helping to mobilize the next generation of activists to fight for our collective future.

Daphne photo.jpg

​​Laura is a fourth-year undergraduate student at McGill University, pursuing a B.Sc. in Environment (Ecological Determinants of Health) with a minor in Geography. She is passionate about climate change, urban planning and environmental health. Currently, she is focused on designing urban spaces to promote healthy, cohesive and sustainable living in today's cities. Laura believes in education and empowerment in the climate movement: when we give people the knowledge and the opportunity to act, we allow for impactful and long-lasting changes in our world. As part of SYC Montréal, Laura is eager to be part of that impact. She hopes to connect young people with forward-thinking, passionate individuals and organizations engaged in sustainability around Montreal.

Laura Latendresse (1).jpg

Daphne Chalmers

Internal Affairs Chair (she/her)

Laura Latendresse

Partnerships Chair (she/her)

Andrea Solymoss is a student at McGill University working towards a bachelor’s degree in environmental science in the domain of biodiversity and conservation. After taking an environmental ethics course at Marianopolis College while completing a DEC in Health Sciences, Andrea decided to orient her studies in science towards the processes involved in the creation and maintenance of biodiversity. She especially enjoys studying botany and marine ecosystems. As someone who has lived in Montreal her whole life, Andrea is dedicated to getting involved in local projects that can better her city on an environmental standpoint. Passionate about the issue of food security, she has been volunteering at a food bank dedicated to supporting members of the Peter-McGill community. She is looking to build a career in the non-profit sector and is grateful to be a part of the SYC Steering Committee in Montreal as it allows her to encourage youths to participate in sustainable projects and initiatives.


Elianta attributes her love for people and the environment to her childhood, having had the chance to grow up in places of breathtaking natural beauty (Newfoundland, Northwest Territories, Falkland Islands, New Zealand and Bas-Saint-Laurent) and meeting wonderful people. Having never been able to choose between the natural or the social sciences, she decided to combine the two in her undergraduate degree at McGill University with a major in Sustainability, Science and Society and a minor in Political Science. Elianta strongly believes in the strength of relationships and the power of younger generations to generate impactful initiatives and find concrete solutions to the multiple challenges brought about by the climate crisis. Through her role with the SYC, Elianta hopes to raise awareness and contribute to people’s education and to encourage a positive and collective movement towards a greener future.

professional picture.jpeg

Andrea Solymoss

Initiatives Chair (she/her)

Elianta Jaillet

Initiatives Co-Chair (she/her)

Allie Wang is studying nutrition at McGill university, she is also a sprint kayak athlete who spends most of her days training outdoors. Her love for nature and for beautiful landscapes carries over into a drive for environmental protection and sustainability. Allie’s passion for the environment and for social justice first arose during her 5 years in high school where she participated in a program that encourages students to fight social inequities and engage themselves in environmental issues. In fact, Allie concluded her high school with a 3-week trip in Cambodia where she offered help in a local orphanage and filmed a short documentary on the development of fair trade organizations in Phnom Penh. From then on, she realized that she had the power to offer solutions, big or small, and bring changes to the various social and environmental issues she cares about.

Allie Wang bio pic.jpg

Eva Colleoni is a student in Environment and Indigenous Studies at McGill University. She is particularly interested in the links between environmental education, creativity and art.


She believes in the power of relationships and imagination to build a sustainable society, where all can thrive. Eva has been involved with children and teenagers in various summer camps and tutoring settings, in which she enjoyed designing creative educational activities to share her appreciation of nature and art. 

In her free time, Eva is constantly jumping between projects, from knitting a blanket to learning the basics of foraging. She is excited to be part of SYC. 


Allie Wang

Outreach Chair (she/her)

Eva Colleoni

Outreach Co-Chair (she/her)

Ava is currently in her second year at McGill University, studying Political Science and International Development. She is the External Events Chair at Sustainable Youth Canada. She believes in addressing the environmental issues that directly affect our community through public policy and supporting local grassroot organizations. Ava hopes to be able to help in issues such as environmental racism that Canada faces through a career in law, and in being part of organizations such as Sustainable Youth Canada.

Marianne is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Laws at Université de Montréal. Previously, she obtained her Cegep diploma in Liberal Arts at Dawson College. Outside of classes, she volunteered for the sustainability department at Dawson, learning how to take care of the green spaces and operating the compost system implemented throughout the school. Marianne has also been an executive member of the People for People club, whose mission is to help communities in need and spread awareness about homelessness. In high school, she had the chance to participate in the construction of an aquaponics system, as well as teach other students methods to reduce their carbon footprint. Now a law student, Marianne is interested to learn about the key role law can play for the protection of the environment. With her role at SYC and a legal education, she hopes to bring awareness and change for a greener future.

Marianne Bellavance profile pic.jpg

Ava Torkaman

External Events Chair (she/her)

Marianne Bellavance 

Secretary (she/her)

Chloé is currently completing her Master’s in International and Intercultural Communication at the Université du Québec à Montréal, with her thesis focusing on young immigrants’ lived experiences and cultural identity. She previously obtained a bachelor’s degree in International Studies, as well as a Master of Arts in Spanish from the University of Ottawa. Chloé is both curious and passionate about understanding various interrelated global issues, such as the climate and migration crises, and believes it is vital for youth to learn about the significance of the impact that climate action can have on communities all around the world. Through SYC, she hopes to bring more awareness to the interconnectedness between social and environmental matters and contribute to their efforts in helping youth build a more inclusive and climate-conscious society. 

IMG-9366 (1).jpg

Helene is studying Political Science and International Development at McGill University. As a part of her student council in the French high school of Ankara, Turkey Helene participated to an initiative for waste reduction and sorting. The combined effects of climate change on the planet and the vulnerable populations whose lifestyles are altered by the climate crisis motivated her to work with Sustainable Youth Canada. Having lived in the USA, Benin, Sri Lanka, Egypt and Turkey she would like to specialize in the development and application of sustainable development policies taking into account the local specificities of the places where they are applied.

Chloé Charette

Communications Co-Chair (she/her)

Helene Duamelle

Communications Co-Chair (she/her)

If you have any questions about this region, please don't hesitate to contact the regional directors at
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