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Winnipeg is a founding chapter of Sustainable Youth Canada that has been recently renewed after a brief period of reorganization. Currently, it directs various activities of the Greater Winnipeg Region to:
  • Establish and maintain the SYC Canadian Sustainable Youth Registry for Winnipeg to connect passionate youth with sustainability opportunities in the region.
  • Lead local initiatives, events, and fundraisers in Winnipeg to create awareness for environmental sustainability.
  • Co-operate with local organizations to bridge the gap between partner organizations seeking help and volunteers seeking opportunities to get involved with sustainability.
If you are interested in getting involved, please apply here. We look forward to having you join us!
What's Happening in SYC Winnipeg?


SYC Winnipeg region was refreshed in September 2017 with a new team of executive. Currently, the main focus for SYC Winnipeg has been to recruit, develop and maintain a solid group of members, and to organize a meeting with students from schools across Winnipeg in the spring.


SYC Winnipeg's goals for the year consist of:

-Sustainability Fair/Conference in the Spring of 2018

-Facilitation of Frequent Community Service Initiatives

-Community Garden in Wildwood Park

-Activist March to the Manitoba Legislature

-Charity Support Fundraisers

Steering Committee


Director: Sukhcharhat Dhillon

Secretary: Robert Hughes

Treasurer: Adam Morrison

Membership Chair: David Huang

Marketing Chair: (Position currently open)

Initiatives Chair: Joshua Waldman

Partnership Chair: Keerat Bhullar

The current Steering Committee Executives and Available Positions are listed above. If joining this committee executive board interests you, and you are willing to commit the time to making SYC a success in Winnipeg, please apply here. If you have any questions about this region, please don't hesistate to contact us, or send the regional director an e-mail at:



Keeping Winnipeg's Exchange District Clean!

Sustainable Youth Canada Winnipeg was pleased to host it's first event of 2018, a Garbage Cleanup on January 20th through the historic exchange district of the city. 

Dedicated members of SYC arrived to brace Winnipeg's frigid winter to show that a positive change can be made anytime of year. 

Huge thank you to The Winnipeg Free Press Café for generously hosting us and thus playing a crucial role in making this event a success! Executives at SYC Winnipeg hope that all participants had a fantastic time at the event, and look forward to welcoming back participants to our next upcoming event!


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