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The Calgary Region of SYC is a High School and University Region that serves the Calgary Areas to:
  • Establish and maintain the Canadian Sustainable Youth Registry for the Calgary and connect passionate youth with sustainability opportunities in the region.
  • Lead local initiatives in Calgary to positively affect environmental sustainability through engaging in student-led community events.
  • Hold fundraisers to engage with the public while supporting charities for sustainability.
  • Partner with local organizations to bridge the gap between partner organizations seeking help and volunteers seeking oppurtunities to get involved with sustainability.
We are actively seeking new members to volunteer with us, so if you are interested in getting involved, please apply here. We look forward to having you join us!
What's Going on in SYC Calgary?


The Calgary region of Sustainable Youth Canada was established in February 2016 and has since been growing in community engagement and membership. However, after the 2020 pandemic, this chapter shut down its doors. We have a new regional director who is building her team. You can apply to her team by sending an email to with your CV and cover letter.


The Calgary Region is typically overseen by a committee comprised of nine executives, meeting locally in order to best serve the youth community of Calgary to become involved in sustainability. The regional committee markets the presence of SYC throughout high schools in Calgary and other youth organizations in the region.


Sustainability engagement events were held throughout historically for members to become more involved in local sustainability. The region was connected with Parks Calgary, Calgary River Valleys, Green Calgary, and S2G+ Preservation Society to provide volunteering and educational opportunities for members, including: river clean up, tree wiring, vegetation and weed management, and workshops. Through these opportunities, the region had been able to connect with professionals in the environmental and preservation industry, with potential to host further educational workshops and forums in the future. We hope to continue this work post-pandemic with a new team.


Executive Committee

Director of Calgary: Denisa Lovin

Denisa Lovin is a high school graduate who is passionate about our environment and the beauty of nature. In the fall she is going to be attending Mount Royal University to get her Personal Fitness Trainer diploma. With this diploma she plans on being able to incorporate teaching others how you can be active in nature while taking care of one's self. She spends a lot of her time outdoors hiking in the mountains and going camping. During the spring and summer Denisa and her mom always garden together in the front and backyard, planting vegetables, fruits and flowers. She loves being able to eat food she planted, after watching it grow and nurturing it from just being a seed. Her priority is to make Calgary a cleaner and more sustainable environment, to make our future be surrounded by the beauty of nature and protect our environment. Denisa joined SYC with hopes to reach out to more individuals in Calgary in order to spread awareness about the environment and make a real positive change in making Calgary be more sustainable.

Secretary: [open for applicants]

Initiatives Chair: [open for applicants]

Outreach Chair: [open for applicants]

Partnership Chair: [open for applicants]

Membership Chair: [open for applicants]

Marketing Chair: [open for applicants]

External Events Chair: [open for applicants]

Media Chair: [open for applicants]

Treasurer: [open for applicants]

If you have any questions about this region, please don't hesitate to contact us, or send the regional director an e-mail at: or


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