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The London Region of SYC is a High School that serves the London Area to:
  • Lead local initiatives in Calgary to positively affect environmental sustainability through engaging in student-led community events.
  • Hold fundraisers to engage with the public while supporting charities for sustainability.
  • Partner with local organizations to bridge the gap between partner organizations seeking help and volunteers seeking oppurtunities to get involved with sustainability.
We are actively seeking new members to volunteer with us, so if you are interested in getting involved, please apply here. We look forward to having you join us!

Generations—growing, giving, gathering

Nurture community and transformation

For a future that holds us, all of us

This is the work of our lifetimes"

p. xxiv, All We Can Save

by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson and Katharine K. Wilkinson

What's Happening in SYC London?

London Ontario, the Forest City of Ontario, is the proud home to over 150,000 trees and the new Regional Chapter of Sustainable Youth Canada. Built on our core values of resilience, creativity, integrity, inclusiveness, and compassionate commitment towards common good, this new SYC Chapter is looking forward to inspiring the next generation of climate-changers in the battle against climate change. We are high school students active in our community.


We hope to educate youth of all ages about the importance of biodiversity and sustainable living, take part in initiatives to help our local community, and work with our community leaders to create changes city wide and provincially! We have began recruiting our amazing team of ambitious high school students, and are excited for what the future holds. So far, we have hosted events engaging youth for earth month and hosted community trash clean ups.

Director of London: Sami Khadir

Sami Khadir is a grade 12 student at Saint Josephine Bakhita Secondary School with a passion in finding solutions for environmental problems and empowering youth by giving everyone a voice. From a very young age, Sami has been a firm leader in the sustainability sector, leading numerous campaigns and initiatives, collaborating with different organizations, being elected as an environmental ambassador at his school, student body president, and being a young captain in his community. Having a deep passion in both Business and Sustainability allows him to use his entrepreneurial and creative mind from business, and critical problem-solving skills from sustainability to solve prevailing issues around the world. Recruited as the new Regional Director for London and the province of Ontario, he is thrilled in making an impact in his community through national and international events, community lead activities, and social media awareness.

We are actively seeking new committee members to work in this region. You can apply to this team by sending an email to with your CV and cover letter.

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