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Vancouver Sustainability Fair 2017

Sustainability Fair participant engaged in the Keynote Speaker series. Photo: Ray Liu

Vancouver, BC | Sustainable Youth Canada Vancouver was pleased to host the the 3rd annual SYC Vancouver Sustainability Fair on May 27th at HiVE Vancouver.

The theme of the 2017 fair featured "Time to Change, Technology on Climate". University and high school students from the Greater Vancouver area attending the Sustainability Fair were provided with information on what it means to be sustainable, ways to promote sustainability within their school community, and the impacts technology can have on sustainability. More importantly, the all-day event allowed students to have the opportunity to connect with leaders of environmental and innovative organizations from around Vancouver.

In addition, the Sustainability Fair featured a panel of keynote speakers, which included Denise Lee from Our Poles Our Planet, Kaya Dorey from NOVEL SUPPLY CO., Roman Kozak from UBC Engineering, and Christopher Bush from Catalyst Agri-Innovation Society Agricultural Centre of Excellence in Sustainability. SYC Vancouver was also excited to welcome exhibitors, which included local organizations such as BCSEA, Wilderness Committee, Meatless Monday Club, Fraser Riverkeeper and Amnesty International to the Student Networking session portion of the fair.

SYC Vancouver would like to thank all volunteers and partners of SYC who made this event a success. Executives at SYC Vancouver hope that all participants had a fantastic time at the event, and looks forward to welcoming back participants for next year's fair!

Finally, photos from the Vancouver Sustainability Fair can be found here:

For any students interested in becoming involved with SYC, please check out the SYC Regional Pages on this webpage. Many environmental initiatives are happening in the various SYC regions and SYC is continuously looking for new members to help out with these projects.

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